Pizza Ovens

Instructions on how to build an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Here I show you how to build an outdoor Pizza Oven in your backyard, simply and cheaply. I give you clearly instructions with pictures and videos, and all totally free.

You have a choice of two designs, the classic clay or cob oven on the left or a brick oven on the right. Note these pictures show the internal pizza oven, the finished ovens look completely different, and also include insulation.

The clay oven is the cheaper one to build, and it it very pleasing to work with the clay. Takes you back to when you were a child using modelling clay or building sand castles on the beach. This oven is also ideal to make with the family.  If you want an oven for big pizza parties, then I would recommend the brick oven as it is a party animal

simplenick clay oven

Clay Oven

Brick Oven