Gopal Ladva

Gopal's Pizza Oven

Lots to like about this pizza oven from Gopal. Similar in design to my my brick oven, but with Gopal’s tweaks. I love the shape of the dome, looks really professional!  Actually it is worth reminding us all that Gopal is an amateur like the rest of us on this site, the key thing is he got up and made it, and he should be super proud of his achievements. Looking at the quality of his bread below you would say he was  professional baker.

I also love the oven door he built. The door you see is a firing door and there is a more insulated door behind for when he bakes. Its made up of left over calcium silicate encased in a steel sheet which he bent to fit the door opening.

Talking of baking, checkout his bread below – puts my attempts to shame​

Now my favourite bit, lighting a big fire and cooking. Here Gopal is using a rosting tin on top of the hot coals.

I love the picture on the left showing a cooked pizza with the oven in the background.

Now admit it!  The picture on the right is the one that really caught your eye, and you are asking yourself where did Gopal get that cover from?

He could tell over the winter, water was soaking through some of the render, and he was finding that he couldn’t maintain high temperatures (350-400 C) on the hearth floor as the moisture was sapping the heat. He researched solutions and came up with lots of ideas such as a k rend render, carbon fiber and waterproofing paints but the cover seemed like the only full proof way. 

It was a bit pricey, but he got it from  Personally I think it it looks good, and was a simple solution.

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