Sunil Patel’s homemade Tandoor Oven

Here we have  an elegant tandoor made by Sunil, a nice tall shape.  He watched the videos and within a week he had been down to the garden centre brought three pots and assembled his own tandoor.  

A couple things to point out about Sunil’s build, he used fire cement to stick the two pots together. He also put a thermometer in the lid, which was £5 off ebay. Nice touch and something I will add to my next tandoor.  Finally the grate at the bottom was made out of a cooling rack that bakers use.  Though he did say it subsequently melted, so you might want to shop around.

One more last look at Sunil’s finished Tandoor, but up close. I really like the shape and colour of this pot.  Also note how Sunil is using rocks for his insulation.

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