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Ken & Darlene’s Homemade Pizza Oven

Another one of those love emails where someone shares their oven build, this time from Ken and Darlene. They have built this lovely oven above and I encourage you to follow the link below...

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Simple Pizza Oven for the Garden

Now I am all about making garden ovens, so what am I doing reviewing a simple pizza oven for the garden brought from a shop? It is always good to check out the competition...

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Ready for next pizza oven build

Initial Pizza Oven Design I am now getting ready for my next pizza oven build, and this time I am going to make it look like a dragon. The core oven and where the...

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Garden Pizza Oven

Even when you are not using the pizza oven, it brings pleasure to you as it looks good in the garden. Originally posted July 2017 on the old site

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Where to get Clay and how much does it cost

Must be summer as I have had lots of people asking me questions on the clay oven. The number one question is where did you get your clay from, as I am having trouble sourcing...

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Cheap Vermiculite

Question Thanks for the site, built your tandoor oven and am delighted with it. Just a note to say I found vermiculite at Travis Perkins builders merchants for  £16 a 100 litre bag, which...

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Material list for Pompeii Pizza Oven

Today’s query is from Matt: Q. I’m sure you get asked this all the time but are you able to provide a materials list? Specifically how many fire bricks you used, how much fire cement...