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Cajun Rump Steak cooked in the Tandoor

Cajun Rump Steak Now I say Rump steak in the title, but this could be any Steak, and personally I prefer a Rib-eye. In this recipe and video I show Rump Steak because I brought the wrong...

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How to make a tasty Keema Naan

Tasty Keema Naan Recipe Making a  Keemna Naan is very simple to do, and can be done very easily at home. The picture on the left is a keema naan cooked in the Tandoor,...

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Fresh Bread cooked in your Tandoor

Cooking Bread in  a Flowerpot Here we have tandoor bread, not your typical Indian bread, but a bread cooked inside a flower pot inside your tandoor. This is a really simple recipe, but has...