Build Your Own Clay Oven – Introduction

How to Build a Clay Pizza Oven

Hopefully you are reading this article because you have often  seen a Pizza oven in a Restaurant, or a clay oven in someone’s garden. Maybe even seen Jamie Oliver cooking in his oven in the garden, and thought WOW!  I wish I had  one of those. Well you have come to the right place and I am going to  show you  how to make one SIMPLY and CHEAPLY.

Honest! It really is easy and you CAN  do it!  There is no “Rocket Science” involved and to be honest you could just do it without reading this article. But maybe you are here to get a little poke or the confidence to  go out and do it.

So if you have ever made a sandcastle or sand dome on the beach or even moulded a basic shape using either clay, plasticine, play dough etc, then you have the skills to do the job. And if you have also made mud pies as a kid, then you are already an expert, and you don’t need to read any further.


If you haven’t already watch my video on the build, then watch it now.  In just  two and a half minutes I show how the oven was built from start to finish.

Could be the best two minutes and 15 seconds you spent in a long time. If you are still not convinced read my posts, look at all the detailed photos and then checkout the ovens built by people like you after visiting this site.

In simple terms first you need to build a base or plinth for your oven. On top of this you put your oven floor, making sure it is fireproof. Next form a basic sand dome, which you cover in a clay and sand mix. Once dry you cut a hole for the opening and scoop out the sand. That is your basic oven built. To get the best out of it you need an insulation layer of say clay, sand and straw. A chimney to aid combustion and a door to keep the heat in, that’s it!  Or Just watch the video again.

If you want more information the rest of the series explains in more detail each of these steps, with tips I have picked up on the way. The biggest piece of  advice I can give you is “Just Do It”, and learn as you go along. I can honestly say I have learnt lots and I learn something new each time I use the oven.

Go to the next tutorial building the base or follow the link series:

Series Link

1. Design
2. Base
3. Oven Floor
4. Core Oven
5. Entrance & Chimney
6. Insulation
7. Protecting the Oven
8. Lessons Learnt
9. Living with the Oven
10. Conclusion and what’s next