Build Your Brick Oven – Protection using Rendering

render over chicken wire 3

Protecting your homemade Pizza Oven

Rendering your pizza oven

You need to protect your oven and this time I decided to use rendering, basically covering the whole things with a mortar fix. I won’t deny this was a little tricky, but not hard. The issue you have is the insulation is just a blanket, so easily moves when you touch it. The render needs to be able to grip on something, to get around the problem I covered the whole oven in chicken wire. Chicken wire is very easy to handle and easily moulds into the shape you want.

As you can see I used classic chicken wire, but I would not the same stuff next time. Personally I wouldn’t call it chicken wire as it is too weak to protect chickens and foxes can easily bite through it. For this job you want something a bit stronger, and with smaller holes. I struggled with getting the render to grip the wire, and had to manually put the render on by hand.

I didn’t worry about making the perfect shape or making the render look symmetrical, I just let it do its own thing. I think it all adds to the rustic charm and looks perfect in the garden. Once done leave it to dry, and you are then ready for the next stage.

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