Build Your Own Brick Oven – Insulation

Insulating your Homemade Pizza Oven

Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Insulating your oven is really important, but also really easy to do. I learnt from previous ovens and this time used proper ceramic fibre blanket. This is excellent stuff and really holds the heat in. To give you an example how good it is, one time when I was using the oven I measured the temperature of the internal roof of the oven and it was 800F. But on the outside you could touch the roof and not feel any heat at all. As you can see from the pictures below it is very easy to mould around the oven.

Once I had covered the whole oven, I put on another layer for extra measures. Well to be honest I had brought more than I needed, classic two for one deal. I should point out it was very easy to work with the ceramic fibre blanket, and it moulded nicely to the shape of the oven.

Next we move onto the protection phase.

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