Build Your Own Brick Oven – Entrance and Chimney

Brick Pizza Oven Entrance and Chimney

For the opening I started by building up the sides. Notice the lip forming on the entrance to the oven. This enabled me to put a door flush with the oven to stop any heat getting out. I also had to add two half bricks for the entrance floor, so I now have plenty of room for moving food in and out  of the oven.

Next I created the arch whilst leaving space for the chimney. I used the same principal I used for building the dome, and created a form out of polystyrene. If you remember for the clay oven I built a wooden frame.  Next time I will use a wooden frame, takes a bit longer but gives better results.

With the form built I laid out my bricks to make sure everything will work, and then fixed in to place. I must confess this was my only regret with the build, as I rushed this process, and I don’t think the entrance looks as good as it could have. So don’t rush the job as you want to be proud of your oven.

Here is the entrance and chimney complete. I should also say that I put a metal bracket from the top of the chimney to the post to hold it in place.

I now had a fully working oven, but to get the best out of it I need to insulate it which is the next section.

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