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Vegetarian Kebabs or Simply Moroccan Night

We can’t stop using the new Tandoor, and for the last two nights it has been Moroccan night. This time we decided to cook vegetarian kebabs. With this we had roasted courgette and apple...

hot chicken 0

Chicken Tikka from the Flower Pot Tandoor

The new flower pot Tandoor is performing perfectly, the only trouble is we keep eating too much chicken tikka. You always want to cook just one more kebab or another naan. So here is...

Backyard Pizza Oven 0

Garden Pizza Oven

Even when you are not using the pizza oven, it brings pleasure to you as it looks good in the garden. Originally posted July 2017 on the old site

Clean your Tandoor 0

How do I Clean my Tandoor

The question I get asked the most is how do I clean my tandoor oven, basically how do I clean the mess out of the bottom of the tandoor after a cook. First there...

home made coconut bread 0

How to make Coconut Bread

Coconut Bread recipe I say coconut recipe but there is not much to making these gorgeous breads. You need some coconut milk, self raising flour and a pinch of salt – that’s it!  All...

dustbin Tandoor 0

Andy Goddard’s Dustbin Tandoor oven

Dustbin Tandoor I have mentioned previously that I got my inspiration for my first tandoor from a dustbin tandoor I had seen built. I personally prefer e terracotta pot but dustbin tandoor or garden...

Simplenick your ovens 0

Andy Goddard’s Pizza Oven

Just had to share this video of Andy making his pizza oven. This is my type of video and I learnt lots, only wish I had seen this before building mine. So what were...

elegant tandoori 2

Mike Maas Tandoor Oven

Tandoor Grate Here we have a very elegant looking Tandoor made by Mike, which you would always want to have on show. Now I am always being asked where can you get a tandoor grate...

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Cajun Rump Steak cooked in the Tandoor

Cajun Rump Steak Now I say Rump steak in the title, but this could be any Steak, and personally I prefer a Rib-eye. In this recipe and video I show Rump Steak because I brought the wrong...

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How to make a tasty Keema Naan

Tasty Keema Naan Recipe Making a  Keemna Naan is very simple to do, and can be done very easily at home. The picture on the left is a keema naan cooked in the Tandoor,...