How do you cut Flower pots when building a Tandoor

How do you cut the terracotta flower pots when building your Tandoor oven is a question I am constantly being asked, so I decided to do a video on it.  A friend asked me to cut his pots which seemed like a good opportunity to film it.

Now if you have watched my original Tandoor build of many years ago you would see that I used a handsaw. This will do the job, but it is slow and hard work. Also it will ruin your saw, but then you can pick up a cheap saw for around £3.99.  My preferred way is to use an angle as it is so quick. OK I know angle grinders can be a bit scary if you have never used one, so if in doubt use a saw. In the video below you can see that I did all the cutting in under seven minutes. After this all you have to do is put the smaller flower pots in your large pot, add vermiculite and you are done. There is nothing else to do, it really is that easy, and your can build a Tandoor oven in under 15 minutes.

Hopefully you have watched the video and seen how easy it is to do. I should point out that I used an old diamond cutter blade in my angle grinder, which was coming to the end of its life. A new one would probably have been even quicker. Now don’t forget to use eye protection and a breathing mask. I would also recommend using ear defenders as it can be a bit noisy.

Hope this has been useful, and please let me know if you have any questions on how to cut terracotta flower pots.

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