Sirloin Steak and Paprika Chips

A good time to share my Sirloin Steak and Paprika chips cooked in the tandoori.  I was in Aldi yesterday and I saw lovely 30 day aged Aberdeen steak for just over £5. So guest what I am having for dinner?  I am going to cook it in the tandoori as I like to cook my meat for a short time on a high heat, and what better thing to use than the tandoori. The tandoori also gives a lovely sear to the Sirloin steak, and keeps any smoke or splitting out of the kitchen.  Plus it drives your neighbours nuts when they smell your sirloin steak cooking in the garden.

As always this is very easy to do, I just take the steak out of the packet and put it in the tandoori. If you want you can season the meat before you cook, or put your favourite rub over it. Sometimes it is nice to have the meat plain, and just enjoy the flavours of the meat. Typically I cook it for a minute either side, but it all depends on the size of meat and how hot your oven is.

As for the paprika chips, well I just take a potato, peeled it and boiled for 10 minutes. I then cut it into large chip shapes, and put these into a foil tray with a small amount of oil. Move them around so they are all covered, and then sprinkled paprika over the chips. All you have to do now is put them in the oven whilst your steak rests.  If you want ultimate chips then do them in a pressure cooker first.

I released a video on this a couple years ago, and I have shared a link to it below:

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