Gopal Ladva’s Tandoor

What I enjoy most about my website is people contacting me to share experiences of their Tandoor or Pizza oven. One such person is Gopal whose emails are always positive, and I have learnt a lot from his builds and his cooking. Gopal first appeared on my website after he built his pizza oven. Now he has built a Tandoor oven, so let’s take a few minutes to admire his latest oven. 

Two things that make Gopal’s oven standout, first he has a stone top. Lots of people add decorative stones on top to stop their insulation blowing away. Gopal decided to buy a Marble paving slab and cut it to shape. Not only is it functional, but it is also quite striking. Second thing that stands out is the hole he has cut at the bottom to enable airflow. He had originally drilled holes in the bottom, but found they kept getting blocked and resulted in lots of smoke. He also tried a grate, but that not very affective. He resolved the problem by cutting the hole out at the bottom, and then used some clay he brought from amazon to block the gap between the inner and outer clay pot. He says the oven now works a treat, but then you can see that in the photo’s below. Focussing on these two unique features it is easy to miss how beautiful the pot he used is. 

Gopal always makes lovely looking food, if these pictures don’t make you want to make your owen tandoor nothing will.  

Thanks Gopal for letting me share with everyone

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