Slow Roast Moroccan lamb cooked in the garden

I was watching Jamie’s 5 Ingredients the other day when he did  slow roast Moroccan lamb, and I thought that would be perfect to do in the gardenBasically, I can work in the garden while the dish slowly cooks, and then when I am ready I can sit down and eat. The key thing is we are talking about a long six-hour roast. I have to say I had hardly anything to do, but the result at the end was amazing. The hardest part of this dish was getting up at 06:30 to lite the Tandoor, but even that was pleasing: 

Moroccan Lamb Recipe

In a roasting dish I put 500g of dried chickpeas, followed by 1 kg of plum tomatoes. Then I added two chopped preserved lemons, you find these in supermarkets by the spices. On top of this I put a shoulder of lamb which had had two large teaspoons of Ras El Hanout rubbed into it the night before. Finally, I added 1 ltr of water, and sealed the top with foil. Next into the oven for six hours, and Jamie recommended cooking the lamb at 170c.  My oven was showing 100c, so I added some more charcoal and the temperature went to 150c and stayed like that for rest of the cook. When I took the dish out after six hours it could have done with more water, and any longer the chickpeas would have been burnt. I would recommend checking after 3-4 hours to make sure the water does not need topping up. 

If you want to see how easy this was to make, checkout this five minute video: 

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