Ready for next pizza oven build

Initial Pizza Oven Design

I am now getting ready for my next pizza oven build, and this time I am going to make it look like a dragon. The core oven and where the fire is will be its stomach, and the chimney will be its neck with the smoke coming out of its mouth or nose. Having trouble picturing it, well refer to the picture below drawn by my daughter.

As to how the oven will be built, that I have not decided yet. I was thinking of doing a heatproof screed like Dave Chislett did featured on your ovens. But I also like the idea of doing something around a rocket stove.

I also don’t know how I am going to do the wings, how they will attach to the body and not break off. I have time to work this out as I go along, but for now I need to work on the base.

Pizza Oven Foundation

I said to my daughter it would be good to have the dragon hanging over the base, and she suggested making the base to look like a tower of a castle, so that is the plan.

First I dug out the foundation, and got rid of a lot of hardcore I had lying around the garden. I then topped that with granular sub base to give me a nice solid foundation. This is one of my favourite stages where you have a solid base to work on, I suppose a bit like having a blank canvas to work on.

I had a lot of odd bricks lying around, and decided to use these to build the base. I said I wanted the base to look like a medieval tower, and for that I had a lot of old stone I kept from a fire place I knocked down in the house. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough for the whole build so I decided to split the stone and use it as cladding. The next pictures show this better.

I now need to put a top on the base and for that I will probably use a large council slab. I will also stop for now as I have to prepare for my sons wedding, and the main reason for starting this now was to help clear up the garden. I will probably get back to this in August.

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