Loving my new Tandoor for Slow Roast

Tandoor Slow Roast

I am loving the new Tandoor, and have already done three slow roast that all came out brilliantly. First I started with the cajun brisket which was lovely, but what took it to the next level was the gravy made from the juices. All the bits on the bottom of the pan had dried up, but once I added some more stock it all came to life.   

With the slow roast I split the oven in half and only put coals on one side so to keep the heat down. With the brisket I put it in a small dish with a tray to keep it off the bottom. I then add some stock and sealed it the dish with foil so the meat would not dry out. All the meat juices fell into the sock, and that went on to make my lovely gravy. 

Slow Roast Pork

Next I did a slow roast pork, but this time I cooked direct on oven grate. Underneath I pot a tray of apple juice to collect the fat and also help keep the meat moist with steam. I also put a rub on the meat using various spices, and hence the dark colour. The meat was good, but I am always looking to improve. Not sure how well the apple juice at the bottom worked, maybe next time I put it closer to the heat, and also maybe spray the meat every now and then. 

Then yesterday I did another slow roast brisket for some friends, but this time used a Tom Kerridge recipe. Another successful roast, and I will release a video in the coming weeks. 

But it has not all been success, I did try and do Chicken Tikka and naan, but that was a complete failure. The reason it failed was because I had the oven sectioned off, and I didn’t make the oven hot enough. I have released the following video that shows what went wrong. 

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