Kirti’s Tandoor Oven and Tandoor Cooking

I just had to share Kirti’s Tandoor oven and her  tandoor cooking, with her permission of course. I love it when people take my original design and adapt it to their needs or what parts they have lying around. For me one of the cool things here is she has used a Chiminea as part of the build. 

Tandoor Build

OK lets hear Kirti describe her oven:

Instead of pots inside large pot we used the neck of chiminea with wider opening on top and narrow at the bottom. Width on top is 14 inches and bottom is 11 inches. W drilled extra holes in large pot using your idea, put a steel Propane Tank Stand for air floe between pot and chiminea neck for air flow, also we sit our skewers on the lip. Since we used Chiminea Neck we used a salad bow shape clay pot as lid and put a S shape garden hook through the hole to lift the lid to open and close to maintain heat. We also took a heavy duty foil round tray and cut out the base and used sides to put over the vermiculite if it decides to be windy or we want to rest things.
We also have hung some stainless steel S hooks round the large pot to hold tongs and fork. We found trash can lid large enough with holes on both handles which we have used tie down to cover from sprinklers, wind and rain when not in use.  Under the Pot caddy we have enough room to put pot saucer for ash and coal debris. 

When getting your Chiminea make sure neck is wide enough as we bought two one is with a 12 inch inside diameter top and bottom and middle was 9 inches, putting Tandoori Chicken legs with thighs was cramping, then we found wider Chiminea Neck with 14 inch top diameter narrowing to 12 inch bottom diameter and we can now put 4 whole Chicken legs with thighs (Qauters) still leaves lot of room to manoeuvre and put couple of skewers. When I went to Kroger I saw baby Chiminea shape of Pumpkin  for $39.00, if we did not have our Clay Pit – it would have been idea, same size as ours. We do love our Clay Pit and thanks to you. 

When I went to clean the debris on Monday, after Sunday cook out, the holes that we made in bottom of Clay Pot after watching your video, and adding Propane Gas Tank Stand to lift the Chiminea Neck from Clay Pot about inch for air circulation and to stop vermiculite from blocking the holes, we found that we can just sweep the debris down the big hole of the Clay Pot with a cloth right at the bottom tray, does not need shop vac.  Propane Gas Tank Stand serves a purpose of vermiculite going under the crevices of the Chiminea Neck and blocking air holes, also give a very good air circulation for coal, helps rest skewers on the inside rim on the Stand, (you have pot rim). 

Tandoor Cooking

We did shish kabobs and figured out the technic to hold meat on the skewers without it falling in the pit, put a garlic clove at the end; works wonders. Shish Kabobs turned out beautiful.     We also used small hot dog holder for Shih kabobs and we found slim fish holder for Trout, talapia and works wonders with fish staying straight and not flaking off. Our chicken tika turned out so juicy and cooked in 10 minutes as they were thighs at 600F.

By the way we bake potatoes wrapped in foil turns out very nice, next is corn on cob.

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