James Tandoor with Sand Insulation

I love it when I get emails from people like James in Singapore. He dropped me an email saying I have just brought these pots, guess what I will be doing tonight.

I hadn’t long replied to him when I got enough email showing his finished Tandoor, and another email of him testing the oven cooking sausages.

The next day he sent me the following pictures of his first real cook, and in his own words – chicken, mushrooms and cheese with onion and capsicum all marinated 24-hours in Sharwoods paste with some Greek yoghurt… Fantastic!

Now tell me these pictures are not mouth watering?

I was getting so wrapped up in James’s work I nearly forgot to mention the key part of this blog, and that is James used sand (river sand) as his insulation. He is based in Singapore and I am guessing vermiculite is hard to get hold of. He has been happy with the results, and says it works well.

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  1. May 9, 2018

    […] Now here is an example from James to was happy using sand here […]

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