First Fish dish in the Tandoor

Originally post Nov 2014 and moved to the new site

I have been wanting to try fish in the Tandoor for sometime and after seeing John’s pictures in the previous blog, I decided to day was the day for fish. We went to Asda as John had recommended Manx Kippers, but unfortunately they had sold out. We looked at the fresh fish counter and they had one single Mackerel in a chilli rub, which we brought.

Now I am not a fishy man, I know I need to eat more fish, but the thought of smelly oily mackerel just does not appeal. Well I have to confess the fish last night was amazing. No smell, not even oily, it just melted in your mouth with an amazing taste. What a fantastic way to get more fish in your diet. The fish cost £1.15 and there was no work, I just had to put it on the skewer, leave in the oven for 5 minutes and take it off the skewer. I will definitely be having this again, and I recommend you t try it as well.

On the way to the counter we saw two large peppers stuff with goats cheese, spinach and sundried tomatoes on offer. Now had could I not buy that? So with the fish I also cooked the peppers and four sausages with onions. OK, a funny combination, but I am still in the experimentation phase learning what foods cook well. I can safely say that they all cooked well, but one of the peppers fell off in the fire. This has been my first causality.

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