How to make Coconut Bread

Coconut Bread recipe

I say coconut recipe but there is not much to making these gorgeous breads. You need some coconut milk, self raising flour and a pinch of salt – that’s it!  All you do is add the milk to a bowl with a pinch of salt, and then then start adding the flour whilst mixing in. You stop adding the flour once you get a thick dough. There is no kneading you just tear off a ball shape, flatten and then cook. In the video I used a frying pan, so you can easily do this in the kitchen, and a great thing to do with the kids.

Now I originally made this coconut bread to wrap around some chicken tikka I was cooking, but then came up with the brainwave of trying some Malteser spread on the hot bread. Trust me, thresh hot puffed up coconut bread spread with chocolate is pure heavenly. Like a warm comforting bounty bar. It was also good wrapped around the chicken tikka.

I am sorry I don’t have any good photos, as I was concentrating on just stuffing myself. This was very quick and easy to make, so I encourage you to try this. In the video I used low fat coconut milk, I think next time I will try full fat. The coconut flavour was not very strong, so I am hoping full fat will have a stronger flavour.

Checkout the video below to see how easy it is to make:

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