Andy Goddard’s Dustbin Tandoor oven

Dustbin Tandoor

I have mentioned previously that I got my inspiration for my first tandoor from a dustbin tandoor I had seen built. I personally prefer e terracotta pot but dustbin tandoor or garden incinerator is a very practical design. You can get the parts very easily, it lends itself to using firebricks, and yoiu can easily move it around the garden.

This example here is made by Andy Goddard, he had a number of fire bricks left over from his pizza oven build which you can see on my website. From the pictures below you can see that he put the firebrick at the bottom, then a cut terracotta pot, and for insulation he used a vermiculite and concrete mix.

It all looks pretty solid, and looks like it gets hot as can be seen from one of the pictures.

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