Andy Goddard’s Pizza Oven

Just had to share this video of Andy making his pizza oven. This is my type of video and I learnt lots, only wish I had seen this before building mine. So what were the key things I pulled out of the video?

So in the order they appear in the video:

  • The home made mortar mate. OK a professional will laugh, but for an amateur doing brick work you want the end product to look good, and I think this is a genius idea.
  • The supporting structure has no back, but he has small supports inside.
  • I found it interesting how Andy built/cast the base from vermiculite cement, and how he reinforced it.
  • He used 25mm  fire bricks which is a common question I get. Clearly works for Andy.
  • When he built the form for the roof he filled in the voids with bricks and sand, another genius idea.
  • ​The nails at the bottom used later for holding the chicken wire. Wish I had thought of that when building mine.
  • I found the way the chimney was built very interesting, and another typical question from people. 
  • Finally how Andy built the roof covering the whole oven. This is something I have been thinking about, so good to see how someone else tackled this.

You will also notice the tandoor at the end of his build, and you can find picture of this on my site as well.

I hope you all find this video as informative as I have, and thanks Andy for bring this to my attention.


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