John Fernley’s Tandoor Kippers

Tandoor Variation

This is a another variation of my original tandoor built by John Fernley. In this post I show him cooking Tandoor Kippers, and they look gorgeous.

I originally posted this on my old site back in 2014, and I have kept in contact with John over the years. He is a fantastic cook and I will post some of the pictures has sent me, my favourite being his garden snail meal. But for know you can catchup with all his cooking on his  instagram

So from my original post:

John uses his Tandoor to cook  slow roast lamb, a pork joint for Sunday roast, and if that wasn’t enough, manx kippers. This last one got my wife excited, and is another dish on our list to cook. Now you are asking how is john cooking these. Well John has come up with a different design which has a wider opening at the top, a grate inside the pot, and an old wok for the lid. I have decided that I am going to make one the same, so I also can do a Sunday roast in the garden. I found John’s oven very inspirational, so I have included pictures of it below in the hope it inspires you as well.

Special thanks to John for sharing his experiences, and you will love his Instagram channel.

Don’t those Tandoor Kippers look gorgeous? To think you can do this in the garden so you don’t have to worry about the smell.

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