What size pots to use for the Tandoor

A common question I am asked is what size pots did you use for the Tandoor. For the original small Tandoor, the measurements were as follows:

Outside pot = 33cm high x 37cm diameter at the top.

Inside bottom pot = 11cm high x 16cm diameter.

Inside top pot = 20cm High x 16cm diameter.

Now this size Tandoor is good if cooking for 2-3 people, but if you are like me and have 4 members in the family, you need to scale up. I have recently brought the pots for Tandoor number two, as can be seen in the picture below:

Pots sizes for Tandoor build

The pot sizes this time are:

Outside pot = 52cm high x 52cm diameter at the top.

Inside bottom pot = 22cm high x 27cm diameter.

Inside top pot = 25cm High x 27cm diameter.

From the emails I get most people go to DIY stores to buy their pots, but I prefer Garden Centres as there is a lot more choice. I decide on the big pot first, and then walk around placing smaller pots inside until I get the best fit.


First posted April 2014

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  1. Ian says:

    Hi Nick. I noteven in the video the top inside pot fits over the lower to leave a rim inside. However your dimensions above have them at the same 27cm diameter. Can’t quite understand. Thanks

    • Nick says:

      Hi Ian, yes fair point. I didn’t make a note of the pot sizes when I originally built the oven. The diameter of the bottom inner pot is 27cm at the top, as I can easily measure that from the inside. The top pot I cannot measure unless I remove all the vermiculite and take the pot out. But as you say the pot sits over the lower pot so I am guessing diameter is around 28-29 cm. Sorry for the confusion. Nick

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