Enhancement to Tandoor Design

I get lots of positive feedback from people around the World who have made a Tandoor oven and I am sharing the feedback I got from Guy this week, because firstly it shows how easy it is to build this Tandoor, but secondly he also provides a good tip.

I cannot believe how simple it was to follow your instructions. Within 30 minutes my oven was completed. I had to use an angle grinder rather than a saw – I see that you now recommend this. The other slight change I made was to make the top flowerpot fit outside the bottom. This way no sand or vermiculite can find its way inside the lower pot. This also had an unexpected advantage of providing a ridge half way down should you want to rest the kebab skewers slightly up from the heat.
Thank you very much for such an excellent idea. Various family members are rushing to Homebase as I write to get what are remarkably cheap bits of kit so  they can make their own!

Thanks Guy for the feedback

Originally posted March 2014

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