Cheap Vermiculite

Thanks for the site, built your tandoor oven and am delighted with it.

Just a note to say I found vermiculite at Travis Perkins builders merchants for  £16 a 100 litre bag, which I thought was reasonable and you might like to share this with your readers. ( I have no connection with Travis Perkins)

I am going to build a pizza oven this summer and have been considering  using the vermiculite mix you recommend for the oven base as the heat  insulation around the bricks as this would be considerably cheaper than an insulation mat? Any thoughts on this?
Thanks Tim

You are a star Tim!!

That is a great price for Vermiculite, and I have a Travis Perkins 1/2 a mile from me. I have to get  some more for my next oven and I was going to order it from eBay. Tomorrow morning I will pop over to Travis Perkins, and yes I will share this with my readers.

As for using the vermiculite mix on the oven wall, I think that is a good idea, and one I had been thinking about for my next oven. It is going to be a lot thicker to get the same insulation properties, but I would expect it to be easier to work with. Putting the render over the chicken wire and blanket was very time consuming.

Thanks for the  feedback and let me know how you get on with the pizza oven.


Originally posted March 2014

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