Material list for Pompeii Pizza Oven

Today’s query is from Matt:

Q. I’m sure you get asked this all the time but are you able to provide a materials list? Specifically how many fire bricks you used, how much fire cement and how much insulation blanket?

A. Now I am having trouble finding my original orders, but I know I purchased 80 fire bricks and I believe I had 20 from the previous oven. As for fire cement, I bought a 25kg bag but used only a 1/3 of it on the base. I bought two big buckets of the adhesive for the bricks and only used one. As for the insulation blanket, I can’t remember how much I purchased, but it was a lot. I believe I used more than I needed, but I got a two for one deal.  Now I might be wrong here, but I believe it was 25mm thick and I brought 2 x 7.5 metre lengths.

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