C Yee from California USA and her home made Tandoor oven

Whilst C’s family were away she built two tandoor ovens, one vegetarian and one non vegetarian – how cool is that? I would loved to have seen the family’s faces when they got home and found the new ovens. I love these stories 🙂

The vegetarian tandoor oven is 18 x 18 inches with the inner pots 10″ diameter.  The non-vegetarian one is 20×21 with inner pots at 12″ and 14″ diameter.  They both look the same, and it’s just the size that’s different.

She made two modifications to my original build, first she added a grill at the bottom to keep the coals off the pot and provide airflow. She used a grate that was usually used for the Big Green Egg. Secondly she seasoned the pots with olive oil, which seemed to help with clean up, and stopped the naan sticking.

C has shared pictures of her build below:

Thanks C for sharing your build with everyone.

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